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Tooth & Teeth Extractions

Tooth Extractions – Teeth Extractions & Removal in Amherstburg

There are some situations where your dentist would decide that for some reason you will need to remove some teeth. A few reasons why teeth would be removed could be that they are extremely decayed; or that they have advanced gum disease; or perhaps the tooth is badly damaged and broken. Teeth can also be extracted because the position of the tooth is affecting other teeth or perhaps it’s in preparation for some orthodontic work. Like everything else, there are always side effects to extracting teeth out of the mouth therefore your dentist will always try to find alternative options other than taking the tooth out.

The tooth extraction process can be nerve-wrecking for the patient, therefore, your dentist will try to make it as seamless as possible. Your dentist will first numb the tooth being extracted, the surrounding jawbone and gums surrounding the area of the tooth. Throughout the removal process, the patient will feel a lot of pressure; this is from the dentist rocking the tooth back and forth to expand the socket in order to make the removal easier. The pressure that is felt is without pain as the anesthesia prevents the nerves from transferring the pain; however if you for any reason feel pain, make sure to let the dentist know so they can take care of it. In certain situations the dentist may need to take out the tooth in sections, this can happen if the tooth is stubborn and its firmly secured in the socket. Your dentist will cut the tooth into parts and remove the parts one at a time.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnoses so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

Teeth Extractions

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